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“How to Be a Poop Detective”

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“How to Be a Poop Detective”

POOP... Everybody Does It!

Grandpas, grandmas, moms and dads, big sisters and baby brothers, they all toot and poop.
It sounds silly and will make you giggle. Your poop comes from what you eat and so do your toots!
In How to Be a POOP Detective, you will learn five clues for healthy and "good" poop ... and when you do, your tummy will be happy.

About the Book

Praise from PractitionersPraise from Parents

Kristy Ingebo, MDPediatric Gastroenterologist, Phoenix Children's Hospital

“As a practicing gastroenterologist, Dr. Struble’s book is a breath of fresh air. The clever cartoon illustrations are just what children need to have fun while learning something profoundly important.”

R. Joseph Mittel, MDAllergist and Immunologist

“As a father of two young children, I believe that her simple suggestions and fun approach will help children become more “in tune” with what their bodies are trying to tell them. Training children to pay attention to these subtle signs will teach them to “listen” to their body and not only improve their health now, but for years to come.”

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