Appreciation from families.

We loved this book. It does an excellent job communicating to kids that they are what they eat. As an adult, I had a pretty healthy lifestyle, but I didn’t really pay attention to nutrition until I got pregnant. I was surprised to learn that a lot of what I had been told was incorrect. This book teaches kids to make wise choices, and it makes them aware that food effects how they feel. It teaches really important principles of nutrition in a fun and kid-appropriate way. My kids love this book and request to read it all the time.

– Amazon Customer

“A fabulous book. As a mom, I learned valuable information to share with my kids. They are now expert poop detectives and so in touch with the importance of what goes in as compared to what comes out. If they have too much sugar, they know it because their poop tells them. If they have too much cow’s milk, they know it because their belly and poop tell them.

My girls love reading this book over and over again. They enjoy identifying the 5-s’s and sharing giggles about it. I love hearing them talking to their friends and sharing the knowledge they have gained from this valuable book. We are excited to read the companion parent book that is in the works.

Thank you Dr. Struble for writing this amazingly funny, creative and educational book.”

– Chris M, Amazon Customer

“Dr. Struble is AMAZING! She is so genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition and health and wellness and is truly a gifted pediatrician. Her knowledge and insight about gut health and the direct correlation to overall physical and psychological health is incredibly insightful and her ability to compassionately and clearly communicate with patients and families is uncanny. As a Mom I am so thankful she wrote this book because we Moms know that poop is where it’s at when trying to get down to the bottom of things! At a time when many parents may be struggling with concerns and questions about their children’s health and nutritional intake, this book provides a clear and easy path to better understanding. I highly recommend it for ALL parents with young children!”

– Amazon Customer

Poop has always been a very important topic in our family and finally I have a book to share with my family, my friends and their children explaining why it’s so important. For years I’ve followed the idea that our gut is our second brain and can teach us critical information about our health. Dr. Struble’s new book is forward-thinking, creative, and funny. She provides a platform for what needs to be a household, daily conversation with our children and hey, maybe your spouse.

Dr. Struble gives us an easy format to talk about poop with our children; she gives us the right questions to ask and a guideline to the right nutrition to ensure healthy bowel movements and ultimately a healthy well-being. She brings up the topic of how certain foods can irritate our little ones’ guts, especially dairy. A long time believer in keeping dairy out of our diets I’m excited to see a progressive pediatrician supporting this approach to nutrition.

Dr. Struble’ book touches on everything kids need to know about nutrition, how their tummies should feel, and how their gut works, and finally what should come out the other end with the 5 S’s – the clues to healthy poops.

Whether you’re getting ready to start potty training your toddler, or helping your child understand the importance of a healthy gut, or investigating an unresolved issue with your child’s intake and output of food, this book is for you. This is my new favorite birthday gift for kids (and their parents).

Mama Africa, Amazon Customer

“Kids and parents will LOVE this book! Dr. Struble’s “How to be a ‘Poop’ Detective” tackles nutrition and healthy living in a fun format. Young kids love investigating so this book encourages them to turn their body into an experiment and see how their food choices impact their body by paying attention to what comes out at the other end to give them the clues to determine if they are on track with the 5 S’s. Great way to get kids excited and knowledgeable about health living. The book might even teach mom and dad a thing or two about nutrition and poop! Fantastic catchy lines and beautiful illustrations that will keep kids wanting to read it again and again and again. . . “

-Amazon Customer